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Welcome to Hawaii! Airport Day Logistics

Helloooo from Hawaii!!! We have spent the past few days on the beautiful Big Island checking out campsites, cleaning gear, and stocking up on lots of yummy snacks and food for when our group of 10 awesome campers arrives later this afternoon. Last week, we finished up our first session trip which looks very similar to this one in terms of itinerary, and we cannot WAIT to share all of those memorable experiences our next group of campers!

Our itinerary for this trip is stacked, from 3 days of surfing to night snorkeling with manta rays to hiking in Volcanos National Park. We also have some amazing service projects lined up and 18 nights of camping in beautiful locations all around the island. We absolutely cannot wait to meet everyone! Attached to this blog are photos of the two of us so the campers will be able to easily spot us at the airport tomorrow.

A few final reminders— please include any medication, a change of clothes, and a water bottle in your student’s daypack. Airlines sometimes lose bags and we want to make sure they have the essentials, just in case! We will have lots of snacks when they arrive, so don’t worry about packing too much to eat 🙂 Campers will meet us at arrivals (please feel free to have them give us a call or text when they land!) and don’t forget to have them wear their Bold Earth shirts so we can easily recognize them.

We are beyond thrilled to get this trip of a lifetime started! -Kelvyn and Maddie

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