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Ziplining Day!

Hey guys I’m Bunmi from boston. Today Skye and I woke up a little early so I got to talk to her about sports and life. Once everyone else woke up we made breakfast. Harriet made a tasty chia seed pudding and everyone loved it. We met with John, the kind landowner, and fed his donkeys. After we left the campsite, we went to a cool waterfall where I took nice pictures of the landscape. We took our birthday boy Brian off to the zipline establishment where he was in his element. Luan and him were able to race on the ziplines which entertained all of us. Amelia bought me a hotdog which was a game changer in my day, it was really good. After we got done at the zipline place we went to a goat farm. Zander bought treats and fed the baby goats and Carolina went on all fours and a goat jumped on her back which was such a surprise. To end the day we made hamburgers at our campsite and they were a big hit with the whole team. After dinner the clean team, lead by Kiana, washed all our dishes. Finally our Leader of the Day, Djodjo, led us in our evening meeting and the troops were off to bed!

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