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Volcanoes National Park Day One

Hey guys, it’s Luan. Today I awoke next to Zander and Bunmi, wondering if I had accidentally kicked them in my sleep again like the other night, fortunately I had not! I then went on to chef up a gourmet breakfast consisting of boiling water and packaged oats with Carolina, Skye, and Kiana which was obviously a total hit among my peers. After everyone fueled up on the gourmet dish, we packed up camp and went to the van in preparation for a hike in Volcanoes National Park.

During the ride there, I sat next to Djodjo who, like usual, was an awesome car-mate (if that’s a word). During the hike, Amelia and Harriet grew very tired and had Brian carry their day bags for them momentarily as they caught their breath. After the exhausting but beautiful hike, the gang pulled up to a crazy camp site and immersed ourselves in it, especially Brian who took a dip in the pond and Zander who successfully befriended the property owner’s dog.

Later on, the cooking crew, including myself, cooked up some Mexican tacos that had everyone asking for more. I’m writing this blog in preparation for the evening meeting and wanted to end this by thanking Kelvyn and Maddie for the awesome opportunity. It’s a been a pleasure! Can’t wait for another great day tomorrow.

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