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Volcanoes National Park Day 2

Hi everyone, my name is Amelia. This morning Bunmi and I cooked yummy bacon egg and cheeses and I was able to share some of my Brooklyn home with the group. After that, we headed to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where we hiked along dried lava and saw petroglyphs that ancient Hawaiians carved into the ground many years ago. Skye and Kiana particularly enjoyed the walk and drawings. Next, we walked to a lookout point to take pictures of the bright blue ocean and some funny ones of ourselves as well. As always, we joked around a lot on our walk, as we ate lunch, and in the car. After lots of singing in the car, the gang magically got tired all at once and took a wholesome group nap. When we arrived back at the camp site, we were rejuvenated enough to play a spirited and much too competitive game of volleyball. Brian and Djodjo were especially good at the game. Harriet, Carolina, and I took one of our group showers before I and the rest of cook crew began to prepare our burrito bowl dinner. After dinner and cleanup, we practiced wrestling and football tackling techniques before starting a lit dance party. We all had fun singing songs and watching Luan and Zander tear up the dance floor. Currently, we are starting our evening meeting and are grouped around a campfire that we made ourselves. We are enjoying s’mores, telling stories, and laughing lots.

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