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Town Time in Hilo!

It’s Bryan and today we woke up early to make bussin’ pancakes. Djodjo knew how to flip them and helped teach me so I could flip them too. After that, we went to a waterfall and it was something out of a movie. We then did our food shop and ran into a homie we met at the beach a few days ago that has good music on SoundCloud. Then we went to dry our clothes at the laundromat because some of them had been wet from the rain a couple days earlier. We waited for our clothes to dry across the street at a farmers market and Bunmi and Zander bought bracelets. After we were done, we got our clothes and went exploring in the town of Hilo. After, we went to the beach at Coconut Island. Me and Luan jumped off the high rock. People didn’t believe in us, but God did! Harriet, Amelia, Kiana, and Carolina were brave enough to jump with us also. Skye had a nice time reading her book and enjoying the cooler weather. After we dried off, I got a coconut to get them vitamins and then we got back to camp. We ate good pasta for dinner and now I am writing this. Amelia is Leader of the Day and is about to start leading our evening meeting.

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