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Surfing Day 2!

Today me and Zander woke up, and Amelia, Harriet, Kiana, and Carolina approached our tent to hang out and talk about the hike we had gone on the previous day. Afterwards Luan and I went to prepare a gourmet breakfast for the gang and we fueled up for the long day ahead of us.

Once we all fueled up, Kelvyn drove us to the beach where we all took lessons and surfed like crazy. Me and Skye were scared of getting hit by other surfers so we made sure to stay out of the way of others. Surfing was awesome and almost everyone was able to stand up and get a good amount of waves! After surfing, everyone was exhausted and a little sunburned except Djodjo, who was feeling great!

We then went home and played games at the beach. The game we played was essentially red light green light and we had a blast, Bunmi especially did as he was the winner of the first game. After it got dark the cook crew made delicious fish tacos that we ate then we ended off the day with our evening meeting where the cook crew once again cheffed up and made hot cocoa. We all quickly consumed the hot cocoa during the meeting and went to bed shortly afterwards.

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