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Surf Lessons and Calls Home

Hey everyone, my name is Djodjo. Today we woke up bright and early. We packed up camp and headed to surf lessons. Luan caught a wave which was pretty impressive. Kiana and Brian did some flips and handstands on their surfboards which were very impressive. After we left the beach, Maddie & Kelvyn drove us to the laundry place, and handed us our phones to talk to our families. Then, we headed out to our new campsite “Ho’okena” which is right next to the beach. Carolina, Harriet, and Brian made some delicious dinner of ramen and gyoza, while Zander, Amelia, Skye, Luan and I went to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. After dinner, Bunmi came up with the perfect plan to attack Maddie & Kelvyn with water guns, and it was a very successful plan. Before evening meeting started we watched some beautiful fireworks light up the sky. Overall, today was a fun and amazing day for everyone.

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