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Surf Day 3 and Lot of Town Time :)

Hi, it’s Amelia again! This morning, we ate a yummy breakfast at the campsite before heading to a local farmers market. On the way, we picked names out of a hat for a Secret Santa gift exchange. Carolina and I got a spiritual cleansing performed by a native Hawaiian while Kiana and Djodjo bought fresh juice. The rest of the gang also enjoyed exploring the market and its locally grown fruits, handmade goodies, jam, honey and live music. Harriet and I bought a special fruit that is unique to Hawaii and it’s supposed to taste like sweet custard. Sadly, we did not like it and instead shared it with the rest of the group. After some time spent at the market we headed over to our final surf lesson of the trip. Of course as soon as I stepped foot in the water, I was splashed by Luan and Kiana and Zander. Regardless, I had a lot of fun in the water and the whole group was able to catch some really good and big waves. We are all starting to become little surfers, and many of us are already planning our future which we dream will be spent in the water surfing and snorkeling all day long. As we began to come in to shore, Luan was stung by a bee, but is okay. Next we ate lunch together at a pavilion on the beach and as always shared lots of laughs and truly silly conversations. I’m sure we will all miss them when we leave. After we all crowded back into the van, Maddie and Kelvyn surprised us by taking us to a thrift store. Even more of a shock was when they told us that Bold Earth would give us each five dollars to buy a silly outfit for the gift buddy that we had picked out of the hat earlier in the day. I’ve only seen a few of the outfits that people picked out, but I already know that we are in for a wild, wild dinner. Then we walked into town to explore! As a group, we sorted through gift shops and local stores to find sweet gifts for the exchange. I seriously cannot wait to see the gifts people got for each other as Carolina, Harriet, and I could not stop laughing when picking out ours. We also walked through cool alleyways and even went to a Beach Tiki Bar where Brian, Bunmi and Skye got virgin piña colada’s and fresh tacos. Right now we are in the car back to camp and the gang is listening to Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj (even Zander is singing along). Luan, Zander, Carolina and Kiana are also enjoying shoving their stinky feet in each others faces. The rest of us are dying, laughing, and simultaneously praying that someone will save us from their terrors. We are all very excited for Hawaiian poke bowls tonight for dinner, but are also sad that it is our last homemade meal of the trip. Still, it is bound to be delicious and eventful given our attire. Overall, we had a super busy and fun day!

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