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Skin Dive Course and Farmers Market

Hey gang, it’s Carolina again. Today we woke up at 6 AM to pack up camp. We were all super proud of ourselves that we managed to be on time. We drove to Kona bay to meet or snorkeling instructors and earn our skin diving certifications. After intense training in the pool, we then had some healthy sandwiches, fresh fruit, and cookies. After, we walked through town to the beach where we put our new snorkel skills to the test. Amelia, Djodjo, and Harriet saw colorful fish, eels and an octopus. Next we went to a local farmers market. Brian bought a necklace, Kiana got a hat, and I got a wave ring. After that we went to the supermarket for our final food shop of the trip. Then we had 10 minutes to personal shop, and Zander got sprayed with a water gun for being late. His sushi was worth it though! Finally we jammed in the car as we drove to our last campsite. We played in the mud while setting up our tents next to each other. Currently Luan is taking a nap on the bench while Bunmi, Brian, and Skye cook some chicken pesto sandwiches for dinner, and the rest of us hang out and chat. TTYL fam 🫶🏼🤙🏼

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