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Service Project in Kona and Exploring our New Campsite

Hey y’all it’s Harriet. Today we had a late start to the morning, and enjoyed some sweet bread for breakfast. Then we lathered up on sunscreen and headed down to the beach (which is a 30 second walk from our campsite) for a community service project. Amelia, Brian, Carolina and Luan worked on recycling while the rest of us raked leaves. As we cleaned we found some passion fruits on the ground and tasted the delicious flavors of them. Then we jumped in the ocean and enjoyed the clear water. There were many sea urchins and yellow fish underwater, we were finally able to use our snorkel masks! Amelia, Zander, Skye, and Luan cooked up some glizzies for lunch with french fries, salad, and gyoza as the sides. Amelia was very proud of her salad that featured clementines. Djodjo, Kiana, and Brian were able to pick some tomatoes, lilikoi (passion fruit), almonds, and coconuts from around the campsite. Yum Yum Yum. Then we got our new cooking groups and did our meal planning (we have some good eats coming soon). The grocery store was very plentiful, much to our delight, and we stocked up on some good snacks (me, Luan, Kiana, and Amelia have some scrumptious treats in the works so be ready). Bunmi, Skye, and Brian’s group attempted to get us a big juicy watermelon but it was a little too big and cost $42 (INSANE). Anyways Amelia and I were able to find some more reasonably priced fruit and quickly bought it after our food shop. We then went to Walmart for some personal items. On our walk through the parking lot, we saw not one but two rainbows that matched the pretty Hawaiian license plates! We stocked up on some goods like protein drinks (Zander), candy (everyone), squid snacks (Brian), body fragrance (me and Amelia), etc. Bunmi was even kind enough to buy us Dippin Dots. We had fun, but weren’t the most efficient and had to drive back in the dark (sorry Maddie and Kelvyn). In the car ride back, or should I say van ride, we received Brazilian nicknames from Luan and Bunmi. Our dinner was a quick but delicious one (orange chicken and egg rolls) and then we had our daily evening meeting. Today was a good one, and we are excited for tomorrow! Harriet signing off, peace out!

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