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Green Sands Beach and Shaved Ice!

Hey everyone, I’m Carolina. This morning the group woke up bright and early and had a nice breakfast. We then went on a 7 mile hike to green sands beach where we lounged, played in the water and Luan, Zander and Bunmi took some photos. After the hike we went to the southern most point in all of the United States. When we went out to look at the water, Harriet, Amelia and Kiana‘s feet got wet. Just as we thought we were leaving, Maddie and Kelvyn surprised us by leading us to a secluded spot with the clearest water we’ve ever seen. We splashed in the water and enjoyed the beauty of the coral reefs, cool rock patterns and colorful fish. Then we were treated to delicious shaved ice and enjoyed it while we soaked in the sun. After all that we had a chill ride back to our lovely campsite and got to work on the community service project, restoring a rock wall and picking up trash on the lawn. Djodjo, Skye, Bunmi, Zander and Kiana played football as me, Amelia, Harriet, Brian, and Luan went to the pool. Finally, we took turns showering in a giant, outdoor volcano rock shower before enjoying a chicken teriyaki dinner! Today was one of the most eventful and fun days we had until half the gang sprayed us with water guns for being late to evening meeting. Goodnight!

A NOTE FROM MADDIE AND KELVYN: We will be starting parent phone calls home tomorrow afternoon! Please be prepared to receive a phone call from your child between 7:30-9:30PM EST tomorrow (7/30)— if we miss you, we will try you again the next day. Thanks!

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