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Final Day… on a Boat!

It’s Skye here. I am going full circle, being first blogger and now the last… wouldn’t be the only thing giving us déjà vu. We woke up in the campsite we stayed at the first night we were here. We ate breakfast just like we always do. Brian, Bunmi, and I set up the last remaining food we had, which included a concerning amount of Nutella. After breakfast we headed for the van, only running a bit late. I was given the phone and played some music! We hurriedly made our way over to the beach and checked in. We were still all still a bit groggy from the sleepy ride, but we all managed to clamber our way onto the first small boat, it was taking us to the final destination. Despite how short the ride was it did not fail to pique our interest; the boat had a clear bottom, which you could see the water and sand out of. Once we arrived at the catamaran, we got a debrief on the boat, and the plan for the day. The captain started up the motor and we went on our way. Harriet, Amelia, and Carolina put on Maui Babe tanning lotion and basked in the sun while the rest of us chilled listening to Bob Marley. We parked the boat and got an explanation on the different fish and corals. Everyone is now preparing to snorkel. The snorkeling was amazing, we swam in the deep blue water looking at the coral and beautiful fish. When we got back on the boat, Kiana and I jumped off and some of the girls did front flips while Brian and Luan crunched water bottles in the ocean. After we were done swimming we started the boat back up and headed to shore. On the way back, the instructor Kai quizzed us on all the marine life and for each question we got right we received a piece of candy. As you can imagine things got a bit rowdy! When we finally got back to dry land we showered and changed in preparation for our final dinner. After everyone got all dressed up and adorned their hair with flowers, we arranged ourselves back into the van. The smell of Amelia’s over applied leave in conditioner and Brian’s axe body spray drifted through the vans air vents. We played music and sung the whole way to the restaurant. We had a lovely dinner. I sat next to Zander and Djodjo and we reminisced over the fun trip we’d had. We left the restaurant with a birthday bang and got some glares on the way out (oops) before heading back to camp for what was our last evening meeting. We took a quick stop at Walmart for snacks. In the parking lot, Djodjo pushed me around in the shopping cart as we watched the yellow street lights flicker. Now we’re back at camp eating s’mores and having our final convos. As sad as it is, we are all glad to be going home after a long 18 days! Skye out✌️

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