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HU2 Day 2: Exploring Hilo!

We started the day off slowly, chilling under the cover from the sun while we waited for the jet-lagged East Coast kids to wake up. We ate breakfast and hit the road in a slightly delusional state- most of us slept, some stated longingly out the window at the ocean. When we finally arrived after two hours, we set up camp for the first time and then celebrated with sandwiches. After lunch we met Emily and John and their family (the owners of the ranch where we’re camping). We then had an anticlimactic car ride behind a truck moving a condo and stopped at the gas station to fill up the van. Our first stop was the Boiling Pots, a series of pools formed by the slow cooling of lava, and Pe’epe’e Falls, which means “hidden falls” in Hawaiian. We then headed off to Kaumana Caves, the most surreal place I’ve ever seen, where we crawled through holes, tunnels, and tight rocky spaces. I felt like I was in a real life Minecraft situation. Drenched in sweat, we entered a stinky and foggy van ride back to camp. Blood was shed (not really) while we battled for showers. Afterwards, we ate a delicious burrito dinner prepared by Kelvyn and Maddie and had our first full evening meeting, where we discussed rules and expectations for the trip. Time to sleep! We can’t believe that we’re here and all had such a great day!  -Skye

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