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Captain Cook Hike Day!

Hi, it’s Kiana. This morning most of us got woken up around 7 by Kelvyn. Djodjo, Zander, and Carolina made breakfast burritos. As soon as we were done eating we all helped clean and pack up camp to head to the Captain Cook hike. The hike was 2 miles downhill and at the end of the hike there was a beach. Harriet, Amelia, Zander, Carolina, Luan, and Brian went to into the water right away and snuck onto a boat. They jumped off the boat into the water and went down the water slide. Meanwhile I went into the forest to explore but got swarmed by mosquitoes and now I have around 100 bites. I ran out of the forest and sat by the water with Bunmi, Skye, and Djodjo. I swam a little and then talked to Brian for a bit. After that we began the hike back to the van. Harriet and I hung out at the back of the group and struggled hiking up the mountain. When we finally arrived at the van, everyone was hot and tired so Kelvyn and Maddie brought us to get ice cream. When everyone was done we rode back to camp where we swam some more. Brian and I got more coconuts and shared with everyone. After swimming we all ate fettuccine with chicken for dinner. Now I’m hanging out in the van with Kelvyn and Maddie writing this blog while Kelvyn is playing the ukulele.

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