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Bold Earth Olympics, Hapuna Beach, and Manta Ray Night Snorkel!

What’s up gang! It’s Harriet. Today is going to be a good one so get ready. We are currently packing up breakfast and lunch. Cook crew set out lots of food to pack up because we are trying to use up our groceries. Everyone is in a good mood because we got to sleep in and have breakfast at 9. Our plan today is to chill at the beach for a few hours and go to our manta ray snorkel tonight (super excited!). I’ll keep you updated when we get to the beach or when something interesting happens.

Ok, so we arrived at the beach but we didn’t go in the water like expected. Instead, we started the Bold Earth Olympics! There are 2 teams: Ground Beef & “Get A Head” (inside joke). Ground Beef consists of Kiana, Amelia, Luan , Skye, & Zander and “Get A Head” consists of me, Carolina, Brian, Djodjo, & Bunmi. We started off with a cookie face challenge which was good fun, and then Amelia & Djodjo did a straw m&m challenge to which Amelia won. Afterward, we did a marshmallow tower challenge, water balloon toss, & limbo competition. We also had a talent show where Brian did some break dancing moves and impressed us all with a spinning one-handed handstand. Amelia, on the other hand (lol), attempted a magic trick. We ended off the bout of games with a try not to laugh challenge. Bunmi & Zander were put to the test when Carolina & Luan practiced their rizz. We ate a quick lunch so we could take a dip in the teal-tinted water. The water was amazing, as expected, and we had lots of fun. Carolina and I played mermaids as per usual, and then we chatted with Amelia, Brian, Luan, Kiana, and Zander. Once Maddie & Kelvyn got into the water, they tried to make water rings with Carolina but it’s unclear whether they succeeded. We got out of the water after an hour and enjoyed the fact that I finally remembered to bring the leave-in conditioner (yayyyy). Now we are in the car driving to the manta snorkeling place enjoying some tunes. No fights about the Spotify queue yet which may be a first. “I Gotta Feeling” is currently playing so shout out Dad!

Hi hi I’m back and it’s 9 pm. We got to the diving place and got fitted into our snorkel suits. They looked a tad bit goofy but they proved useful later on. We all piled into the boat and started our journey to the snorkel spot. The ride there was beautiful, we sat on the bow and all felt the nice breeze & big waves. When we finally arrived at the spot, we chilled in the boat while watching the sunset. It was truly magical. Finally, it was time to go in the water!!!! We got into our gear and slipped into the water. We all grabbed onto a surfboard with a light attached that attracted plankton as well as the rays. They came so close to us it was inSANE. As Brian said, “it was like looking into nirvana”. Truly an out-of-body experience, everyone had so so much fun! The boat ride back was also incredible because we all got time to reflect while looking at the stars and learning about the Hawaiian constellations. We had a sleepy ride back to camp and stopped to get Dominos on the way. Today was amazing and we all had so much fun. Peace out cubscouts, see y’all soon!

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