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Black Sand Beach and Moving Camp

Hi, i’m Kiana. This morning I woke up alongside Amelia and Carolina. For breakfast Zander, Harriet, and Djodjo made brown sugar and cinnamon toast which was really delicious. After we all ate everyone worked together to quickly pack up camp hoping to have time to make it to the beach. Thankfully we left on time and headed out. After a long drive we arrived at the Black Sand Beach thanks to our skillful driver Kelvyn. The beach was really fun and Luan even talked to some of the ladies. Brian swam with sea turtles in the water which was really cool. On the ride to the store Skye, Bunmi, and I sang and danced in the car while everyone else slept in the van. When we got to the store to do our food shop, we ended up being there for around an hour and 30 minutes it was awesome. Next, we drove to our new campsite which has a pool. For the first time I front flipped into the water and eventually Bryan flipped into the pool also. After swimming for the second time today I took a shower. Now we are all enjoying each others time at evening meeting and getting to know each other better.

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