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Airport Day Recap

Our adventure begins! We had a fantastic airport day and enjoyed welcoming 10 awesome campers to Hawaii. Carolina arrived first around 11:30am, shortly followed by Brian, Luan, Kiana, and Bunmi. We played a fun yet intense hackey sack game called DAGS as we waited for everyone to arrive. After that, we had a 2 hour break between arrivals, so we headed to the beach for a fun break from the heat and humidity. We returned to the airport shortly thereafter, pizza in hand, to welcome the remaining members of our group: Djolanda, Amelia, Zander, Harriet, and Skye. Our last camper arrived at around 9:30. We are now en route to our campsite in Kona where we will be staying just for tonight before heading to Hilo on the east side of the island early tomorrow morning. We have an AMAZING group of campers and are so excited for the next 18 days! Let the adventure begin…

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