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Waterfalls and Zip-lining Through the Forest!

Hello everyone! Today it’s me, Rory, writing the blog.

Last night and early this morning, everyone got some well needed showers. Cook crew consisted of me, Daniel, Sam, Lydia and Cayla. We cooked up a quick cold breakfast of cereal and oats. We then went to Rainbow Falls, which gets its name from the way the sun makes rainbows on the mist.

After Rainbow Falls, we drove a short distance to Akaka Falls. We did a little hike there and Lydia appreciated all the plants. Robert hid in a tree and scared us all. We ate lunch at the picnic tables and talked to some fellow hikers. Cayla and Juliet spotted cute cats and showed them to us.

After lunch, we decided to get CRAZY and go zip-lining. Everybody had a lot of fun going backwards and upside down on the lines. We got sweet treats at the zip-lining cafe and Mella and Elle got delicious smoothies. Ian absolutely devoured a Chicago hot dog.

We got a nice little surprise when Maddie and Kelvin took us to a goat farm to play with baby goats. Hannah, Cayla, and Lydia loved the goats, especially the baby one named Juan. Mella wasn’t paying attention and the goats scared her. Daniel rallied everyone to play some DAGS, and Maddie let me sample some of her goat cheese (absolutely delish).

Following the goat farm, we went back to camp and cook crew started on dinner. Sam and Elle talked on the swings. We cooked up some delicious stir fry. After dinner we calmed things down, and Lydia led the evening meeting to conclude our night. Anyway, that was our day🙂.

Robert’s P.S. : Please send some Diet Coca Cola Grandma

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