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Volcanoes National Park Day 2!

First morning at moon farm, first place with a real toilet and a burning hot shower. Basically everyone took a shower and was feeling good! Rory, Sam, and Hannah cooked a really good egg breakfast with some yummy fruit. Then we headed to Volcanoes National Park to hike Pu’u Huluhulu and saw some pretty amazing views at the top of the cinder cone. We then drove down to the seaside and saw some crazy waves that formed a sea arch out of a lava cliff. Then we walked inside of a lava tube where Hannah stepped in a huge puddle and stubbed her toe, Lydia found some super cool moss (#verynaturegirly😜), and Daniel closely observed the walls of the hardened lava around us. On the way home we stopped at a local gas station where Kelvyn and Maddie let us get some goodies, Mela got some kitkats and chocolate mushrooms, Juliet got a whatchamacalit and lot of mentos. Then we jammed on the way home and cook crew got to cooking. Elle, Mela, and Robert were playing frisbee while everyone else was playing volleyball. Me, Rory, Hannah, and Elle drew some temporary tattoos of sea animals and took some photos. For dinner, we had pasta with definitely homemade vodka sauce and asparagus which was very yum. Afterward, me, Rory, and Juliet ran around in the dark catching huge frogs while everyone was having a dance party in the dance room with disco balls and disco music. We spent the night around our first campfire which Ian made very willingly, when Mela dropped all our donut holes on the yummy dirt (we ate them anyway). Overall we had lots of fun. Goodnight!

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