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Recap from the First Full Day!

Hi everyone! What an awesome and jam packed first full day we had. We started off the morning with a nice cold breakfast of yogurt, bagels, cereal, fruit, and muffins. We left bright and early for our surf lesson in Kona, and stopped at a local farmers market on the way. There was a live band in which a few of us sat and enjoyed. While we were doing that the rest of the crew walked around and bought some local treats including coffee, fruits and sugar cane juice. Hannah also bought flowers which ended up in our hair. Daniel’s flower stayed in his hair all day!

After the market we headed down to the beach. Lydia went to go pet a dog and it turns out that the dogs owner was our surf instructor! The waves were small so we ended up going paddle boarding and snorkeling instead which was a lot of fun. The water was so clear and the fish were super colorful. We started off paddling and swimming around, then we ended our water adventure for the day by floating on our boards and getting to know each other better. Robert and Mela were brave and swam out to explore some deeper water with the supervision of Kelvyn. Juliet snapped some pictures on her waterproof disposable camera, and Elle touched the bottom of the ocean! After, we headed back to shore and ate our lunches while we waited excitedly for Rory to arrive.

Once we had everyone and got the chance to meet/catch Rory up we headed to Walmart so people could pick up a few personal items. Even after a day in the water, we went back to our camp-side beach where some of us went swimming while others relaxed on the shore. Ian brought his frisbee and tossed it around with Cayla, Sam, and a few others. We walked back to camp where Kelvyn had prepared our burrito bar, a great first dinner.

After dinner, we sat down for our first full evening meeting, a Bold Earth nightly tradition. We went over the participation agreement we all signed and talked about our hopes and expectations for the trip. Everyone is really excited for what’s to come!


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