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UH1 Last Full Day with the Crew :(

Hey guys! It’s Juliet and Rory writing the blog today! This morning cook crew laid out cold breakfast and packed lunch supplies using the remainder of our food. Hannah tried to make a DIY lunchable which was not so good. We said goodbye to Kelly at Hawaii Island Resort, packed up camp, and headed back towards Kona for our hike spot. The Captain Cook hike was 2 miles each way, a straight decline on the way down and then a steep incline all the way up. On the way down we met two nice people named Eri and Steve who voluntarily clean up the trail once a week and gave us a cool history of the trail and village below. When we got to the bottom, we saw some of the most beautiful water ever- this area is apparently one of the best snorkel spots on the whole island. Robert did an underwater vlog, and Cayla, Mela, and Robert swam up to a boat and the guide told them about the marine life in the water. Elle, Juliet, Mela and Sam borrowed some goggles from one of the boats and looked at all the fishies. Rory took a nap in the shade but was interrupted by a mongoose trying to get into her pocket. On the hike, Sam led the way and Ian followed closely behind. Lydia whipped out a Sprite midway up the climb to “stay hydrated.” Eventually we made it back to our campsite, the same one we had stayed at for the first 4 nights of our trip. We cleaned our tents, all took showers and got ready for final dinner! Everyone got tons of food which was delicious. Then, we walked around town for a bit to do some last minute souvenir shopping. On the drive back, we had our last communal van nap. We ended the night with our final evening meeting, which felt extra special. Kelvyn and Maddie let us cowboy camp, which means to sleep under the stars with no tent. Daniel snagged the lone concrete spot while the rest of us piled together on a tarp in the field. It was a lovely day. Goodnight everyone!

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