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Green Sands Beach and South Point

Today was day 16 for the group and the day started bright and early. We had an early wake up at 7:00am and that was a challenge for some members of the group. Lydia in particular had the most difficult time and arrived to breakfast 5 minutes late. In exchange for her decision she received a spray down from Kelvyn with a super soaker. According to her though she outran him and it could have been worse. This was our first breakfast at the new campsite and the night before had not treated some of our campers kindly. Elle, for example, counted 27 bug bites on her in the morning and developed a new personal vengeance against mosquitos. After the early breakfast, with a bit of encouragement, the counselors got us into the van at only a slightly late time to beat the mid day heat for the hike we had planned to green sands beach. We drove to the trail we were going to hike, which was on the south side of the island and next to the southernmost point in the entire United States. The climate there was extremely arid and was unlike any many of us had ever seen before. It was a huge open grassland with dusty trails, zero trees, and tons of volcanic rocks juxtaposed to the gorgeous blue ocean and cloudless sky of the same hue. The hike to the green sands beach was warm and dry as we walked to it on dusty off-roading trails with zero shade, but since we got there early enough the heat was not bad. We got to the beach after about 3 miles and it was extremely awe inspiring. In what looked like asteroid crater placed right next to the ocean, was a beach with sands made of green gemstones. Everyone was extremely excited to be there and we wasted no time changing into our swimsuits to have fun on the beach and wading in the water. It seemed somewhat calm but Sam and Juliet got soaked while Robert tried to stay dry. Elle and Mel took a nap on a rock and Cayla wandered the cliffs. On the walk back Daniel charged ahead for some solo hiking time. We then went to the south point (the most southern point of the US). Robert made a “RH was here” out of coral he found on the beach but it turns out to be the same initials as Rory’s which was cool. Hannah also wrote “Bold Earth 2023” out of coral. We got shaved ice and Lydia somehow ate a serving bigger than her head. Mela and Elle ordered extra larges which were WAY bigger than expected. Cook crew made fried rice for dinner while Ian, Daniel, Robert, Elle, and Rory worked on making a labyrinth for Kelly, the host of our campsite. We then had evening meeting and mostly everyone went to bed. Some stragglers got caught up in a water gun fight with Maddie and Kelvyn for staying up too late. Goodnight! -Robert and Ian

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