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Exploring Caves and Stargazing on Top of a Volcano!

Hello and welcome to the blog for Tuesday. I (Daniel) am writing the blog for today. Blogs coming out a bit late because we had a late night and everyone was tired when we got back to camp. Starting off the day we headed to a bakery for breakfast because it was Lydia’s birthday! Kelvyn and Maddie bought a big box of donuts for everyone and Ian got a breakfast bowl. Next we headed to Safeway for food shopping. We got a lot of food and had to find space in the coolers which were overflowing. After our food shop, we headed to Coconut Island for a swim. All the girls went swimming along with Robert, who was the only guy to go swimming, and also the first off the high dive which was on the island. After a quick swim, we headed to the Kaumana Caves which were close to our camp. The caves are lava tubes in the ground caused by a volcanic eruption. In the caves, Mela and Rory had to stick together because of a broken headlamp. But together they were able to avert disaster and survive the caves. After our cave exploration, we went back to camp and loaded up the van full of cooking supplies. We started heading to the top of a volcano to watch the sunset and then cook some pasta chicken alfredo. After a short hike, and some time in the cold, we were able to see the beautiful sunset on top of the volcano, Mauna Kea. Lydia, Elle, and Sam braved the cold to cook dinner. Hannah, Cayla, and Juliet enjoyed the stars after dinner. Hannah saw 4 shooting stars! It was a great day.

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