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Day 7: Skin Diving Course and Town Time in Kona

Good morning! This is Mela. Me and Rob got an early morning making bracelets and listening to his radio by the water with the ducks. Breakfast was made by Juliet, Lydia, Sam, and Rob. Juliet made a killer fruit salad and we had the usual spread of bread, fruit, granola, and yogurt. Juliet was Leader of the Day today. Everyone got their skin diving certificate today!! Diving instructors Terry and Ryan helped us with fins, goggles, and snorkels. We also had sandwiches, watermelon, oranges, and pineapple for lunch. We walked through town to the beachside where we went snorkeling. We saw Pufferfish, Frogfish, Zebrafish, and lots of others which were super colorful. We were out for about an hour. Sam and I found a really cool shell next to a red and black urchin. We were all purple because of the reef-safe sunscreen. Daniel found a broken pencil lipstick urchin. Rob cheered everyone on and found a shell. He brought it back but it actually had a snail living inside which jumped out. Sam claims it was actually a crab. Absolutely tragic and devastating moment. Cayla attempted a save. Rory got to shower first! Me and Elle made more vlogs throughout the day on our cameras. We got to shower!!! Definitely a highlight of the day. We also got town time. So perf. Cayla and Juliet got matching blue and pink turtle anklets and me and Elle got matching pearl starfish and shell bracelets. Some of us got clothes from the market— Hannah got really cool pants. Then we split into trios and got 25 minutes to go shopping on our own. We got ice cream and shaved ice❤️ Rob dropped his chocolate ice cream on the floor and scooped it back up from the floor so fast that no one could even believe it. He continued eating after absolutely clobbering the ice cream from the floor with his fist. Unbelievable. Then we played DAGS which is pretty much hackysack. Lowkey have no clue what either is but I had fun playing. You kinda just have to kick the mini-ball 3 times and hit people. That was probably after Rob made a spider man moment running down the alley. We got back to camp and cook crew started on dinner. It rained so the rest of us got changed into warm rain gear and sneakers. I literally LOLed when I saw Ian. He was dressed hysterically in all-black rain pants and a rain hoodie. Rob was also dressed in an apron. Rob made us hot dogs, Lydia made chili topping for the hot dogs, and Sam and Juliet made fruit salad and mac n cheese.  This morning I thought the hogs were the boy’s tent snoring. Our lights are solar powered but we left them on last night so tonight we ate dinner with headlamps. Elle, Ian, and Rory were on top of cleaning dishes tonight! Evening meeting was good. Everyone’s highlight seemed to be snorkeling and ice cream 🍦🤿‼️‼️ The question of the day was about if we could bring 3 things to a deserted island what would they be. Rory was the first one to receive a special hat from Maddie and Kelvyn for always stepping up and offering to help. Now Rory and Robert are building a shark lego set. Overall perfect day, very enjoyable. Goodnight everyone! From Mela 🤍🤍☺️ (Hi Mama and Tata💗)

A NOTE FROM MADDIE AND KELVYN: We will be starting parent phone calls home tomorrow afternoon! Please be prepared to receive a phone call from your child between 5:30-10:30PM EST tomorrow (7/7)— if we miss you, we will try you again the next day. Thanks!


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