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Day 6: Final Surf Day and Food Shop

We started off with a banger breakfast of scrambled eggs made by Daniel, Lydia, Elle, and Mel that was devoured in seconds. Then we got to loading the van, and everyone pitched in making it quicker than usual. While waiting, Ian fed the ducks at our campsite some bread. It was funny. I fell asleep on our ride for basically the whole way. Hannah was braiding everyone’s hair. I think she got Elle, Juliet, Sam, and Mel before I fell asleep. When we got there our surf instructor Max met us and got us fitted with shoes. Elle, Mel, Juliet, and I got boards, and Ian, Sam, Maddie, and Lydia got SUPS, and Cayla, Daniel, Rory, Kelvyn, and Hannah made bracelets.  Lydia got the best ride while me and Elle got good ones but not as good as hers. Afterward, Ian and I played frisbee with two friends we made on the beach, Diamond and Cole, while Cayla and Rory made some elaborate bracelets. Daniel was making good progress on his book, gotta say. Then we menu planned and went food shopping and that went off without a hitch. Afterward, the girls were all devastated when Starbucks closed early. I handed out some cookies in the van as well before sleeping the rest of the ride home. Cook crew did great with Lydia making her special pasta and sauce and Daniel cutting up veggies. Dinner was great and we played cards and listened to music before starting our evening meeting. The stars were out tonight and they were beautiful! -Robert

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