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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 4: Snorkeling, Paddle Boarding and our First Food Shop!

Today everyone had a great time. Mella got nominated as leader of the day. She helped the team out and made everyone’s day better. For example, while snorkeling she pointed out a red sea urchin to Juliet. At our evening meet up Juliet reported that that was the highlight of her day. Earlier while hanging out at a pavilion at the beach, Hannah and Lydia gave Ian a face makeover and put some pimple patches on his face. We also got our cook crews for the next 3 days and split up to plan the menu. We got to go on our first food run at Safeway and bought ingredients for the meals we’ll be making. Rob, Cayla, Rory and Sam were on cook crew today. Robert made everyone laugh when he showed up in the apron he brought while making dinner. Daniel made Elle smile because he made her a bracelet. We wrapped up the eventful day with learning the game Dags that Kelvyn taught us.


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