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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 3: Service and Beach Day

Today we all had so much fun swimming in the ocean and did some community service picking up litter on the beach, and we also met one of the local kids who told us some Hawaiian legends.

After coming back from the beach Kelvyn taught Ian, Hannah, Rory, and Juliet how to play a hackeysack game called Dags. Robert shared more about his church camp which entertained everyone (apparently a lot goes down at church camp).

While picking up litter we found some baby kittens and Lydia wanted to capture one but was unsuccessful (bummer am I right, totally wanted to take one home). Cayla found the kittens and everyone was obsessed. Robert also shared some juicy details about his romantic life and some more church camp stories (there’s so many) as well as making some new friends at the beach. Daniel applied lots of aloe and sunscreen which we love (all of our aloe is out, we had too much fun in the sun yesterday despite putting on lots of sunscreen.)

Hannah, Rory, Mela, and Lydia cooked everyone spaghetti and meatballs which was so bomb. Everyone loved it, especially Elle (who could blame her it was very good). We took lots of pictures on Mela’s camera today to document the fun!

We finally found out how to work the camp shower, which Sam, Mela, Hannah, Juliet, Cayla, and Lydia quickly took the opportunity to use.

Sam had a handstand competition with a local boy in the ocean and made new friends with some other local kids. We love our social butterfly friends.

At the end of the night we all settled down and had our evening meeting where we shared about our daily heroes and highlights of the day. We all shared a lot of laughs, and finished it off with ice cream sandwiches that wasn’t very iced anymore (ice cream soup is more accurate).

Overall today was very fun and we all shared a lot of laughs and special moments getting to know each other and getting closer. It’s been amazing getting to know everyone and getting so close in only this small period.

-Cayla and Hannah

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