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Day 1 in Volcanoes National Park!

Hi blog it’s Elle writing today. We kicked off our day with a warm breakfast of scrambled eggs with avocados on bagels thanks to Daniel, Ian, Cayla and Juliet. After breakfast we packed up camp and got a quick picture with our wonderful hosts Emily and John. Then we headed to Volcanoes National Park, where we stopped at the visitors center to pick up our junior ranger guides. From there we began our hike on the Crater Rim Trail, and we started hiking through beautiful greenery including the Ohia Lehua trees (the first trees to grow from lava rocks). In this area we overlooked the Kilauea Iki crater, which looked like something from another planet. We made our way down and got to walk through the middle of the crater, the black rocks and sand were so cool. We were standing on volcanic rock but when we looked up we could see all the green, it was insane. After our hike Robert locked in on completing his junior ranger certification. Mella, Rory, Robert, Ian, Lydia and I all got our junior ranger badges. We then stopped at the gift shop, Hannah got a postcard and a really cute sticker. As we headed towards the sulfur cracks Sam showed off her gymnastics skills. We then walked the boardwalk through the sulfur banks, it smelled soooo good. When we got back to camp we began setting up while cook crew got started on dinner. Before dinner Rory caught a frog in the dark, very impressive. For dinner we had delicious chicken quesadillas with a side of veggies. Our new campsite is so pretty! There are horses, dogs and cats. There’s also a volleyball court, frisbee golf, fishing, tether ball and… drum roll please… A SOCCER BALL so exciting. Oh and I forgot to mention there is a real bathroom, a warm shower and a mirror!! Anyway this property is so stunning and the sunset was beautiful. After everyone finished dinner and cleaning up we began evening meeting. Daniel and Maddie both got hats, so exciting. Our view is really nice at night because we can see all the stars. Anywho that’s all from me, goodnight everyone.

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