Bold Earth Adventure

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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 1: Airport Day!!!

Our adventure begins! We had a fantastic airport day and enjoyed welcoming 10 awesome campers to Hawaii. Mela arrived first around noon, shortly followed by Lydia, Hannah and Sam. After that, we had a 4 hour break between arrivals, so we headed to the beach for a fun afternoon of playing mermaids in the ocean. We returned to the airport with glitter and signs to welcome the remaining members of our group: Daniel, Elle, Robert, Ian, Cayla, and Juliet. Our last friend arrived at around 8:30, and we celebrated with a pizza party at the airport! We are now en route to Ho’Okena Beach Park where we will be camping for the next 4 nights. We have an AMAZING group of campers and are so excited for the next 18 days! Let the adventure begin…

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