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4th of July Boat Day and Fireworks!

We started off this busy day with getting up and packing all of our equipment up while the cook crew (Hannah, Ian, and Juliet) put out granola, yogurt, and fruit for breakfast. After everyone was ready to leave we drove to the sailboat dock site and learned about Hawaiian marine life before Robert and our leader of the day, Rory, jumped in to see for themselves. Mella and Elle dove down and observed the coral and fishies (yum yum). Sam then decided to do a flip off the boat but didnt exactly flip (it was more of a back flop). We also got to learn about sailing and everyone pitched in to help raise the sails. After boat time was done we headed over to our new campground. Cayla and Lydia introduced us to our new duck friends who were very interesting. We finally ended the night with a surprise firework show right on the beach and got to play with sparklers in which Daniel loved. Right before we left we shared a heartfelt evening meeting in the grass. Goodnight! -Juliet

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