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Ultimate Costa Rica Airport Day! Yay!

Day 1, numero uno, airport day. BIENVENIDOS A COSTA RICA!!

To friends and family in the outside world, this will be the first of many blogs but the last that we write as leaders. The kids will be taking the reigns from here and we can’t wait to see how they capture all of our adventures!!

After the last few days of prepping all final logistics for our trip, we are SO EXCITED to have officially met our group. Despite 2 cancelled flights for Ali and I, our students didn’t have any major delays! YAY for smooth airport days!

Amelia was our first student to arrive. We demolished some strawberries and raspberries whilst waiting for our next 3 chicas. Natalie and Mollie met each other on their first flight and then ran into Maya K in Miami! Soon enough they were all greeted by signs and flags in San Jose. After initial hugs hello, our bus arrived. Our trusty steed was deemed quite stylish by the whole crew. We may have heard a few squeals of excitement 🙂

Our previously empty bus gained its first four students, and we were so ready for the extra energy, noise and laughter that would soon fill that space.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we enjoyed a yummy buffet lunch at the hotel with our local guide Cami and then hit the hotel pool for a relaxing afternoon! We talked about our favorite books, worked on making a few friendship bracelets, and started what will soon be the most AMAZING Ultimate Costa Rica trip playlist that all students and trip leaders will contribute to! Natalie and Mollie had a fun roomie moment jumping into the pool together!

The early arrivals all ate dinner together and the first 4 chicas and Ali stayed back at the hotel while Roo and Cami went to meet and greet our evening arrival students at the Airport! After dinner, Ali and the girls hung out snacking on some sweets from home and visiting and laughing a lot!! Never underestimate the power of a Nutella snack!

Quentin and Roo got to know each other whilst waiting for Maya L, Maya M, Brody, Atlas, Viv & Jonny who all came on the same flight! Quentin added 22 songs to the ever growing playlist. Despite arriving late into the evening, the energy was palpable as we loaded up the bus. Back at the hotel the whole crew met for the first time, while the airport arrivals got their room keys and burrito boxes. Maya L & Viv were the first to chow down and Maya M enjoyed a whole avocado with her dinner whilst Ali and Maya M tried to get rid of an accidental 5:11am alarm on her watch. Brody showed us his compassionate side, worrying about waking his mom to call and inform her that we were all together. Thanks to all the east coast parents that understood our need to touch base once we had your kiddos! We know it was late in your time zone! Jonny surprised us with his Spanish skills! Hay una piscina afuera!

We can’t wait to get to know everyone! Now we’d like to introduce Cami, our local program leader! Cami is a Costa Rican, born and raised in San José, in a town call Moravia. She’s a university student studying law and international relations, with hopes to work in criminal law or immigration law. Right now she’s taking a break from law school to work as a program leader. This is her second year working as a PL. She loves this job because she loves community service, meeting new people and teaching them about her culture.

We have an extra long blog for you today since we won’t have service tonight (6/30) as we spend the next 2 days rafting the Pacuare River!

The morning started with a splash. Ali and Roo planned for to be everyones back up wake up call and were PLEASANTLY surprised that all of the students were up and getting ready before our wake up knocks! Atlas greeted Roo with such a lovely good morning smile and Amelia was excited about the ice machine and filled her water bottle to the brim!

We got to know each other on the bus ride by playing two truths and a lie. Viv started the van ride off strong with he her request of Taylor Swift’s Cruel Summer! After, Quentin and Brody provided entertainment with a rendition of “call me maybe”. Mollie snapped some fire pics with her camera. Photos will be coming soon on the blog, as soon as we have enough service to upload them!

Lots of more fun coming today on our rafting trip and we can’t wait for the students to update you with a blog when we get service again tomorrow!

Como estamos? PURA VIDA!!! Nos hablamos mañana.

Roo, Ali, Cami & Crew

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