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Ultimate Costa Rica Pre-Trip Airport Blog !

Hello Ultimate Costa Rica!! We are so excited to meet you! We are your trip leaders: Roo (Marisa) & Ali 🙂 

Check out our Trip Leader bios on the website if you want to learn more about our backgrounds, but we wanted to personally introduce ourselves now! 

Roo is pumped to be back for her eighth Bold Earth trip!! She is thrilled to spend a summer in a completely new part of the world, after living & traveling in Spain and Europe for the past 5 years. Roo was a Division 1 athlete in university and is a lifelong lover of sports. She is always up for a dance party, karaoke sing-along, or a game of ultimate sunset sand soccer after a sick day of surfing!! Roo is a proficient Spanish speaker from her time in Spain and is so excited to be in Costa Rica. She is so eager for the laughter and memories to come and the sweet smiles at the end of an amazing day!

Ali is so excited to check Costa Rica off her bucket list with all of you!! She is a Louisiana gal who teaches first grade and always has a smile on her face! She enjoys traveling and exploring new places with friends, watching pretty sunsets, impromptu dance parties, and playing fun card/camp games! She is SO looking forward to getting to know all of you and experiencing the Bold Earth magic in Costa Rica together!

Our goal is to have an epic summer full of laughter, adventure, silliness, and great snacks. 

We had so much fun (and learned a lot) at staff training in the Rockies ⛰️ 🏔️ and we know we’re going to have an amazing trip. For the last few days we have been making our way from Denver to Costa Rica – working with our local guides, food shopping, and making sure everything is ready to rock and roll for our adventure!! Please reach out if you have any final questions before the trip or even if you just want to chat! We are here for you. 

We are now waiting with bated breath for all of our students and for the fun to begin! 

Travel tips: 

Please make sure that all students have both leader cell numbers in anticipation of airport arrival (they are listed below)! 

Roo: 908-476-9406

Ali: 318-787-1563

In case of any lost bags, be sure to pack all essentials (toiletries, change of clothes, closed-toed shoes & raincoats) in your carry-on! Don’t forget to take a picture of your baggage ticket! Please get in touch with us on airport day if you have any questions or concerns! The SJO airport is very small and there is only ONE exit, where we will be waiting for you with bright bold earth flags & signs!!!

Tip for coming through immigration: if asked, our first hotel is Quality Hotel Real San Jose (Pozos, San Hose, Santa Ana, Costa Rica). Roo (Marisa) will be behind security to pick up unaccompanied minors while Ali and/or Roo will set up a camp right outside of the baggage claim exit, see photos of the airport in the photo gallery of the blog! We’ll have snacks and water with us! You can expect to hear from us as we meet each student. Please save our numbers for these calls and expect them to come via WhatsApp.

Thanks so much for choosing Bold Earth! We can’t wait for the fun to begin and we CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!
-Roo and Ali

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