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Day 9, Numero Nueve, Spanish Lesson Graduation/ Mountain Biking!

We started our day with our last bit of Spanish lessons! After our lessons wrapped up, we finally made it to our Spanish class graduation!!! The Spanish 2 Class (Atlas, Jonny, Viv, and Brody) wrote speeches in Spanish about their language class experience and presented them to the whole group. The Spanish 1 Class (Maya K, Maya L, Mollie, Natalie, Amelia and Quentin) all gave big hugs to Kris their Spanish teacher for pushing them to grow in their Spanish skills in a fun way!! Maya M was our shining star for her Spanish skills as she has helped translate for all of us during the trip!!

After graduation, we had a delicious last lunch cooked by our chef for the week Illy! We will all miss her cooking and her yummy daily fresh fruit juices so much! The group’s favorite juice was the Costa Rican Guava (Cas)!

We then made our way out of Turrialba a little bit for our afternoon mountain biking adventure. We got fitted for our bikes and practiced our braking skills before hitting the trail through the beautiful sugar cane fields. About a quarter of a mile in, Natalie and Maya M weren’t too sure about their biking skills so they went back to the bus with Ali and Maya K! The girls had a great girls talk time following the biker’s along their trail in the van. Our super star bikers of the day were Mollie and Maya L who really pushed themselves out of their comfort zones on the biking trail and got a little (or a lot) muddy while peddling along! We ended the bike ride with the van crew meeting the biking crew at the end of the trail by a beautiful river where we enjoyed fresh pineapple and watermelon all together. After enjoying some R&R by the river, we circled up for evening meeting riverside. Our leader of the day, Jonny started off strong by sharing our snack of the day- pop tarts!!! Everyone was excited for a taste of home. However, it started raining so we quickly piled into the van to continue our evening meeting there! We had great discussions and enjoyed hearing everyone’s answers to their heroes, highlights and question of the day!

After dropping everyone off at their home stays, Maya L and Maya M spent the evening meeting new friends at the youth group with their host family. They also taught everyone at the youth group our favorite game called Zoo!! Viv and Maya K went HAM at the super market, picking up some donuts for the whole family to enjoy. They also both bonded with their host mom and sisters while bonding over music taste. Mollie and Natalie played with Noemi’s grandson Hermando. Natalie tried pushing herself out of her food comfort zone and had lentils for the first time! Jonny, Brody and Quentin enjoyed watching Coach Carter in English at their Mama Tica’s house. They also got to have ice cream with their host dad!

Hasta Luego!

-Blog Squad

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