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Day 8, Numero Ocho, Spanish Lessons Day 4.

Last night was everyone’s first night at their home stays, and they were very eventful! Mollie and Natalie had delicious Italian food and bonded with Noemi (their host mom) about her son in Seattle.

Atlas and Amelia had meaningful conversations with their neighbor Abby who is also one of our amazing Spanish teachers!

Brody, Quentin, and Jonny went for an evening stroll with their “mama tica” and heard stories about surgeries through a doctor’s eyes. Mama Tica has trouble pronouncing Quentin’s name, so in their “casa” he is known as Miller (his last name)!

Maya M and Maya L learned about their host mom, Flora, and her diverse collection of mugs. Flora teaches around the world and collects mugs from all her students!

Viv and Maya K enjoyed a long walk with their host family, and bonded with the family’s 16 year old daughter!

After a restful night and a yummy breakfast, everyone loaded up onto the bus to head to a full day of Spanish lessons! Although this seemed daunting, we made it through the day with naps, breaks, fidget toys, and snacks! We participated in a Zumba dance which was “muy divertido.” The beginner class made maps of Costa Rica, and then presented it to the advanced class, while the advanced class created a story in the imperfect form to teach to the beginners! We also played bingo (solo en Español) to practice our numbers in Spanish! The bingo winners got corozones de chocolate (chocolate hearts)!

After Spanish, the trip leaders fulfilled their “every other day we’ll have ice cream” promise and brought ice cream bars to the hostel for us to enjoy while the entertainment crew (Viv, Maya K, Quentin and Amelia) put on a brilliantly choreographed danced to Sean Kingston’s Fire Burning. Fire was indeed burning on the dance floor!!

After the dance, we all headed to a local park for our evening meeting! It started to rain but we were committed to having evening meeting in a park so our driver provided a wonderful suggestion of a park with a covered roof! We circled up for evening meeting and our Leader of the Day, Maya M led a great evening meeting! The question of the day was “What is your biggest fear?” Roo surprised the group by performing the first Bold Earth Hat Ceremony of the trip and giving Ali her Bold Earth hat! Bold Earth Hat Ceremonies are something we take very seriously at Bold Earth. The hats are awarded for showing community spirit, growth, helpfulness, positive attitudes and willingness to participate fully. We can’t wait to start earning our hats as our leaders recognize us in evening meetings to come!

Abrazos y besos (hugs and kisses),

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