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Day 7, Numero Siete, Zip-lining/ Canyoning/ More Spanish

We ended our last night at the base house with some cute heart to hearts and a game of competitive football including Viv, Quentin, Maya M, Maya L and Mollie. In the morning we packed up all of our things and headed off to canyoneering and zip-lining.

During our adventure, we had some stand out characters: Atlas repelled like a pro, Maya L and Jonny took a dunk under a beautiful waterfall, Viv and Brody put fun twists on crossing the hanging bridge, and Natalie, Cami and Ali won the “most graceful” awards. We are all so proud of Maya K for overcoming her fears, being so brave and rocking the full day of adventures with support from the group! Another highlight of the morning is we also finally saw a sloth!! Not just one, but two of them were taking a snooze up in a tree near the last waterfall we went down! We ended off the morning of excursions with some outdoor showers and a delicious lunch accompanied by a group favorite, Costa Rican Guava (Cas) juice!

Heading into the afternoon we started some Spanish lessons! We were all pretty sleepy, but after some resting in the hammocks spearheaded by Brody and Amelia, we were all feeling much better. The last hour of Spanish was a lot of fun for everyone as we practiced practical sayings that would be useful for our homestays, such as: ¿A que hora es el desayuno? (What time is breakfast?) ¿Dónde está el baño? (Where is the bathroom?) and ¿Quiero lavar mi ropa? (Can I wash my clothes?)

We ended our afternoon with an evening meeting led by our Leader of the Day, Mollie, in the garden at the language school hostel! Our question of the day was: What is something you are most proud of about yourself? We had great conversation filled with lots of love and support for each other! After evening meeting, we headed to our homestays for our first night’s stay with our Costa Rican families. As we were waiting on each set of roomies to get dropped off, Ali thought we deserved to dig into the snack bag while we waited, so we got to snack on some of our favorites: Reece’s and Oreos! We can’t wait to tell y’all more about our home stays on tomorrow’s blog!!

Hasta Luego!

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