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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 6, Numero Seis, Spanish Lessons Day 2.

After a night beneath the stars, the students were able to sleep in for the last full day in the house. Also, to start the day, we had Jonny rockin’ the pool with 100 laps. Go Jonny! After breakfast, we headed over to our first full day of Spanish classes! We were all a bit scared for the 6 hour day, but the watermelon cut up by Natalie and impromptu visit to the super market had us heading towards success. We also played some fun games such as Zoo and Bingo where our most common winners were Atlas, Jonny, Mollie, Maya M, and Quinton! Also, our amazing teachers Abby and Kris provided us with so much love and some great iced coffee that Amelia loved and led to her being the leader for a bingo round. We went after classes to celebrate the day being done and the Fourth of July at Pops, a ice cream chain in Costa Rica. (Thanks Bold Earth!) We then headed back home to our last night at the base house.

The trip leaders proposed a quick clean up plan in response to using our phones to call our loved ones! While the girls ran upstairs, including Maya L tripping on her way up and Brody walking slow to his room, we all got our phones and spent the next 45 minutes on them like we never left. Viv got a little homesick but it was slowly swapped out by laughter due to a quick Maya sandwich! Later in the evening we played a new game “YeeHaw” where Cami couldn’t keep a straight face and we discovered a great southern accent done by Maya K. After a quick squeeze run by our leader of the day, Quinton, a delicious dinner made by Illy, and a group shared love for Yuka, we ended the night in the living room with Roo and Ali crying over how proud they were of us!! Additionally, very important announcements: a moo off occurred between Mollie and Maya M and Maya L learned how to dap somebody up!

Hasta mañana!

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