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Day 5, Número Cinco, Spanish Lessons Day 1.

Before we begin today’s blog, we feel that it’s important to mention last nights stellar performance. With “Sexy Back” playing in the background, Quentin strutted his stuff, blowing the crowd away. This wouldn’t have happened without his amazing backup dancers Maya L, as well as Atlas, who was also the main choreographer. The performance ended with another surprise, Quentin carrying out the birthday cake for Cami’s big day. We celebrated with homemade coconut ice cream (made by our amazing chef) and Roo & Ali surprised Cami with a crazy creek chair as a final birthday present because she loved them so much.

Now for today- as per usual, Jonny started his day with a morning workout by doing laps in the pool. After breakfast, we all hopped on the bus to go take our Spanish placement test. Maya M attempted to teach Maya L the entire Spanish language on the bus ride. Unfortunately, they were not very successful.

When we arrived to the hostel where we would be taking the test, we were blown away by the natural beauty. There was lots of plants, a fish, pond and cozy furniture. It felt like a homey living room in the wilderness. Amelia, Maya K, and Quentin made themselves at home by relaxing in a hammock. After the placement test and some naps, we were split into two groups based on ability. Brody surprised himself when he made it in the more advanced class. Spanish classes began, and everyone had a great time. Especially Natalie and Quentin, who were covered in post it notes, labeling their body parts in Spanish. Then we walked around town to do a scavenger hunt with our Spanish teachers. Everyone did a great job talking to locals to complete the goals of the scavenger hunt. On the hunt, we meal planned and had to figure out the cost of the items in the supermarket in Spanish, we had to talk to a barber at the hair salon and ask how much for a haircut, we had to talk to a kid and ask about their school schedule, and we had to find someone who worked in the tourism industry and ask them about their job. Jonny and Natalie showed off their Spanish skills by helping their teams check items off the list! The Spanish 1 Class won the scavenger hunt!! Woo hoo!

Then, we headed to a thrift shop to get clothes for our Costa Rican “Secret Santa”. We all put lots of dedication into picking out the clothes for our new pal. Despite having fun, we were all glad to get home after a long day. While Atlas slurped up some mango we got from the local supermarket, Vivian, Mollie, Maya M, and Roo went on a walk to a fruit tree on the property. They had a successful harvest of Costa Rican Cas (like guavas) and a star fruit. Some of us jumped in the pool for a quick swim before dinner, thanks to Jonny for inspiring the impromptu plunge.

After a delicious dinner, we gathered in the living room to present our thrift finds to our secret buddy. Then, we had a quick slam poetry session put on by our entertainment crew of the day: Brody, Viv, Maya K and Mollie. After thoroughly enjoying the poetry session, we had our evening meeting. Our leader of the day, Natalie asked the question of the day “What is something nobody here knows about?” Let’s just say this was followed by a lot of laughter. Does the full moon have anything to do with the out of control laughter? Finally, to end the day, we had an impromptu dance party outside under the full moon, with Amelia on DJ, where everyone showed off their dance moves and the beautiful moon was peeping through the clouds.

Besitos, xoxo,

Atlas, Quentin & Maya L

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