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Day 3, número tres, rafting pt. 2

Hi everyone! Day three of the blog and everyone is excited and well rested for the day after our stay in the fabulous lodge on the Pacuare in the rainforest! We the blog crew (Brody, Maya K, Mollie, and Viv) will be your hosts and writers for the day!

We started off our day bright and early ready for breakfast. Especially Jonny with an early morning workout and yoga. After some AMAZING breakfast complimented with delicious fruit, all the campers took to the hammocks, while also getting ready for day dos of rafting. After playing an intense game of zoo, Atlas the chicken won!

Whilst on the river, Brody, Viv, Jonny, and Roo enjoyed extra time in the water but the whole group jumped out of the rafts to float through the picturesque final canyon. A big thanks to our guides: Kevin, Joaquin, and Julien!

After a long day on the river we all got a bit sleepy with Maya C and Maya M taking a very nice nap accompanied by Amelia’s very well curated “PURA VIDA” playlist. Meanwhile, we learned of Quentin and Brody’s opinionated music taste! (They’re trying to ban Lizzo! Lol)

We pulled up to our house for the next few days and immediately settled in, pulling out snacks and some very impressive sandwiches made by Natalie. Also, we became a bracelet making machine as a group, teaching the boys to embrace their bracelet making sides. We also discovered that Maya K and Maya L both took American Sign Language in school.. another similarity for the Mayas!!

We are ending the day with an amazing dinner joined by our amazing leaders. We ❤️ Cami, Ali, and Roo! Viv, as the leader of the day will lead the evening meeting and then we all will be sent to bed!

Buenas Noches!!

Los amamos a todos!!

Con cariño,

Your bold earth babes

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