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Day 20, Número veinte, our last day in paradise

Our day started surprisingly at 5am with an abrupt and unexpected wake up. The group was hoarded onto the bus still sleepwalking and we travelled to the beach to watch the sunrise on our last full day together. Although some, like Maya L and Viv insisted they weren’t tired, dancing and singing with the rising sun, others like me (Brody) chose to “rest my eyes” on the sand. We cuddled on striped sheets, with lots of fuzzy blankets that Roo and Ali thankfully told us to bring with us.

The early birds, Quentin, Atlas, Maya K, L & M (all the mayas) made it to breakfast with the trip leaders while the rest of us decided to sleep for the time we had until our 5 hour bus ride back to San Jose. After a delicious hot dog lunch where most people ordered seconds, we packed our bags into the bus and made our final trek back to the hotel we spent our very first night in. Finally coming full circle. On the way back we stopped at a massive souvenir shop. Amelia took the opportunity to deck out her water bottle with an array of stickers. She also got a super soft sweatshirt. Once we made it back to the hotel, our queen Ali broke out the glitter and the group got festive. Quentin put it on in heaps, but Natalie almost cried from panic when some got on her. Glitter spread like wildfire while we sang and danced on the bus ride to dinner. Don’t worry, Roo made sure everyone was buckled up like always. #knucksforbucks.

Once we arrived we said goodbye and thank you to our wonderful bus driver Mauricio, giving him a Bold Earth hat. Mollie, Atlas and Amelia had their model moments running off the bus to the restaurant. Roo capturing some snaps filled with smiles despite being blurry pics. Dinner was bittersweet but lots of great conversations broke out like always. After dinner we made one final visit to the grocery store for some snacks and treats for our final fiesta. Roo graciously said that Bold Earth would pay for one item each, and we all raced around trying to decide what to get. Now I am back at the hotel finishing the blog before our final evening meeting.

Brody, Last LOD (Leader of the Day)

Brody finished his blog here, but Roo is here to report that our final evening meeting was a really great one. Whilst still filled with lots of laughter and anecdotes, typical of this spirited group, it was also deeper than any evening meeting to date. We answered an increíble question of the day, presented by Brody: “what is one thing, be it a memory, moment, or lesson that you will take away from the trip and always remember, and why” Everyone expanded on their answers and I am so proud of this group for being able to share such honest excerpts of their time here in Costa Rica. So much happened in the last 3 weeks and sharing specific moments and feelings was just a glimpse into that. Lots of emotions floated around the circle while we all shared, including tears, but we knew that most of all, the most overwhelming feeling that surrounded us in those moments was love. Dear parents, if you’re reading this, I would like to thank you one more time for sending your kiddos to Ultimate Costa Rica. I am so thankful for this community and proud of the space that we all created together. Despite some large challenges throughout the trip and sad family news on my end, I still can’t help but feel such overwhelming joy and giggles about how amazing this trip was for all of our students and for us as leaders. 8 Bold Earth trips later as a leader and I think this was my favorite one yet. Shhhhh, don’t tell the kids 🙈 For one last time this is mother hen signing off, please give massive hugs to all our little chickens. And remind them that chickens can in-fact fly. I can’t wait to see where their wings take them ❤️


Roo, Ali & Cami

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