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Day 2, numero dos, Rafting Pt. 1.

We made our way to the Pacuare River for our first day of rafting! We were greeted at the top of a large hill by a tractor and trailer that was our fun ride through the forrest down to the river!

We split up into 3 boat teams and started our EPIC 2 day journey down the Pacuare! Our raft guides were so friendly, well informed and kept us safe! A few highlights on the river today were us braving class 3 rapids to prepare us for Class 4 tomorrow and hiking to a swimming hole where we could float together and jump off a rock into the water too! The whole group cheered on Flying Squirrel Natalie as she never gave up trying to climb up the rock to make the jump! Monkey Mollie also braved the jump to scratch that off her summer bucket list!

On Roo’s boat, Spider Brody, Chicken Atlas and Starfish Amelia were stoked that their boat had one less “engine” (human) and they were keeping up with everyone! On Ali’s boat, Flying Sauirrel Natalie, Lion Viv, Zebra Jonny, and Monkey Mollie were on the same pace from the very start, leading their boat through the white water! On Cami’s boat, the 3 Mayas and Coyote Quentin bonded over the fact that the 3 Mayas (Crab Maya L, Cat Maya M, and Snake Maya K) always end up together!

In the afternoon we went for a hike around the property and got to see footpaths of the indigenous people who live there. We also learned a lot about cool plants we encountered on our path.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner and spent fun quality time in our hammock cabana for our first evening meeting. We do daily Hero’s and Highlights as one element of our evening meeting and Jonny took the lead as multiple people’s heroes for the positive energy and joy he shares with others! You may be wondering where these animal nicknames come from? Well, we introduced a very competitive game called Zoo today that was a hit!! We wrapped up the evening with roasting marshmallows and slept soundly during a rainstorm in the rain forest!! Check out the media section for highlights of our day!!!

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