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Day 19, Número Diecinueve, Q & A with Q & A on our last surf day

We ended off last night with an amazing campfire evening meeting lead by Viv! The fire was roaring thanks to me (Natalie, your leader of the day) #formergirlscout and we roasted marshmallows paired with our snack of the day, a chocolate covered graham cracker called Chiky!

This morning started off with birthday cuddles for Amelia #sassysixteen and lots of birthday door knocks for Quentin, #fabulousfifteen #birthdaytwins

Our birthday celebrations began with eggs, hash browns, and French toast! Right before taking off for our final day of surf lessons we all participated in a Q & A with Q & A! ( get it, because question and answer and Quentin and Amelia!) The general consensus from the Q & A was that Amelia loves Kid Cudi, Viv loves Quentin’s muscles, and Quentin does not love being the youngest!

Our surf lessons began with a little rivalry with another American group, although they outnumbered us, we definitely beat them out when it came to surfing skills, age, and looks! During the surf lesson, Maya M, known to locals as Meatless (due to her vegetarianism) Maya K, and I all decided to take a break from surfing and go on photo duty, capturing Viv, Mollie, and Ali slaying the waves. Atlas got the clear to catch bigger waves, but don’t worry, Roo went with her! #buddysystem #safetyfirst Since it was our last day at the beach we took a photo with the Costa Rican flag and held up a bold earth banner along with it! #gringos #bebold

As you can see I am loving the hashtag trend set by Maya L, who definitely had some amazing finds during our afternoon town time! #smoothtransition? Our town time got rained on, literally, but that did not stop Brody and Quentin from getting more matching shirts, Amelia and Mollie getting matching knit tops, Ali getting more earrings (addiction?) and Maya L getting energy drinks (sorry Mr. and Ms. Leidner)

We all came back and dried off before dinner, Amelia tried her curly hair routine on me (I have straight hair?) so we’ll see how it goes! That takes us to right about now, right before evening meeting, and even more birthday surprises!

Peace out, from your local gringa Girl Scout,


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