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Day 18, Número Dieciocho, Our day at the indigenous community of Matambú

We started the day, led by the LOD, Viv, (hi!) to some delicious fluffy pancakes for breakfast. Brody enlightened the group with some interesting water facts and then we were off. Happy to report: all were ready on time today! Catch the 13 of us outside Hotel Amira cheering on our driver Mauricio as he turned the corner. We faced a challenge on the hour bus ride to Matambú: our speaker died. As we pulled up to the community all were excited and ready for the day, especially Maya M! #sleepwalker We hiked through the rainforest, following the winding river to a great stopping spot. While there we took a dip in the pool- or in our case, a dip in the waterfall. It was FREEEEEEEZING to me, but not to my fellow swimmers Nat, Maya K, Maya L, Amelia & Brody. Roo led us in quite the rendition of our song of the day “Stacy’s Mom” which knocked the socks off our guide Pedro Pablo. We then got a history lesson which was beautifully translated by Cami. Following lunch was a cooking class that seriously humbled Amelia and Brody – I did amazing (lie). The sun was bright and we were tired, so our designated senior citizen Maya K read to us in funny voices, per my request. Quentin and Maya L seemed very interested, meanwhile, Amelia was treating it as a bedtime story. Atlas also found a new hobby – playing a song with Ali on a special instrument. We closed out the day with a quiet ride home except for Mollie’s and my occasional cackles. Now I am hanging out with Ali, Brody and Amelia thinking about the 5 apples I ate earlier. We also played uno where Ali was victorious. We have two days left, but make sure that Amelia doesn’t hear, ella está triste 🙁

Bye bye for now and try not to miss us all too much, I mean we are coming home so soon.


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