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Day 17, Numero Diecisiete, Sea Kayaking and Turtles

We ended last night early with a special evening meeting since we have a long day ahead of us. Roo woke everyone up bright and early for a delicious breakfast with crepes and cereal. My (Maya L’s ) personal favorite. After breakfast, we felt a calling to the waves with Moana’s “ How far I’ll go“ playing on the bus. Once we arrived Viv, Quinton, and Cami ran straight into the waves while the others steadily approached. Once in the water everyone cooled off and had a fun time and Roo taught Nat how to dive under the big waves because she is short. After the lesson, Nat and the others got out of the ocean to continue cooling off with the UV being pretty high. Because of the weather Molly, Viv, and I decided to get snow cones (woo hoo!!) The rest of the group followed too! We also decided to support local women by buying their handmade artisan jewelry (#ladypower). After beach time we headed back to the hotel for lunch and a quick swim in the pool before heading back to Samara for Sea Kayaking to an island off the coast!

While we all used quite a bit of power, we have to give it up for Brody and Quinton who utilized their amazing rowing experience to help out those in there like Maya M whose arms got tired, we really have to give it up to her crew mate Maya K who was #AllPower.  We ate some fresh watermelon and pineapple which also led to Amelia being chased by a few iguanas who just wanted a bite (after Ali lured them to Amelia by placing a pineapple by her foot). #Sad Speaking of animals, Maya K , Roo, and Mollie screamed with delight when they encountered a sea turtle while swimming which was a full circle moment because we released the same species of turtle a couple of nights before on our service project. While they swim with the turtles, they sang Moana again (yay!) After the singing was done, we all paddled our kayaks back to the shore and sang Disney Classics on the way back to the hotel. Atlas made a heroic mission that led her to the depth of the water to save a wild creature (a grasshopper) by giving it CPR before the attempt sadly failed. We commend Atlas for her bravery. Anyways that’s all for today- I had a fun time writing this blog with the help of Roo, 🐢 Cami, and Ali! Thanks for reading!!!!

Maya L

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