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Day 16, Numero Dieciséis, Dolphin Tour/ Art Class!

Hey blog!! It’s your LOD of the day, Mollie, filling you in on what we did today! We closed out last night with a group movie night ft. The Amazing World of Gumball. The group was very excited to get out of the door this morning as the activity of the day was dolphin sighting! On the boat, our guide, Daniel, showed us the packs of dolphins jumping in and out of the water and we even saw some sea turtles floating on the surface!! As everyone sang at the top of their lungs on the boat, Natalie and Viv re-enacted titanic scenes while I, Mollie, was seasick yay! Toward the end of the tour, we anchored the boat, Maya M fell asleep in the water (while wearing a life jacket) while Quentin jumped off the boat, and Brody was told how to point his toes while diving by Amelia. After the tour, we stopped at los delfines for lunch. Next, we got in the van to go to jewelry making with a local women’s association, while on the bus I saw a monkey eekkkkk!!!

Once at the jewelry-making class in the afternoon, Maya L and Roo had a very interesting life conversation and Amelia made a beautiful bracelet for Ali. On our way back to the hotel with our amazing handmade jewelry, atlas found a kitten and started to play with it. Back at the hotel, we had some pool time, and Cami and Maya K read by the pool. Then we ate our dinner and are about to have an evening meeting led by me!!

Hasta Luego everyone!!!


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