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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 13, Número Trece, Save the Turtles!

The day started bright and early with a delicious breakfast. We then made our way over to save the turtles! Atlas started the day with a quick little chant to get the day started and then we were off. With big sticks being carried by Jonny and Quentin, to smaller ones being thrown efficiently by Nat and Maya K, we started to see our progress with the beach being cleared by our efforts. Mollie and Maya M were partying by the break spot and Jonny was begging everyone to break so he could go on a run! To get spirits higher, Roo came up with the idea to have a hermit crab race! With Viv’s crab winning and Brody’s crab coming in dead last, the group continued on. Maya L has been getting buff from her stick clearing efforts, and Amelia crushed it with the nets to move lots of sticks. To recognize their hard work, both girls earned a Bold Earth sticker at evening meeting. Maya L screamed quite loudly, she was so excited! All are tired, sweaty, and sandy! Huge thanks to our volunteer leader, Daniel. Remember to use metal straws (or no straws) to help save the turtles!


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