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Day 10, Número Diez, Family Day at the Cheese Fair!

Greetings 🖖 We are so glad that you’re still here following along on our adventures on the blog! Today’s blog features entries from several different students as family day and the weather got in the way of our typical blogging sessions. It did not rain on our parade though, as we had a day full of culture, community, culinary delights, & CHEESE. Read on for all the details 🙂

Written by Amelia:

We had a full day today as today was family, so the crews did not have time to meet, but I will do my best to give a summary.

We all started the day with sleeping in and having a later breakfast. The bus came to pick everyone up at 10:30. The kids and their respective host families gathered in a park to picnic and enjoy the local queso (cheese) festival. While we set off to check out the vendors, Jonny ran laps around the park, cheered on by Roo. I (Amelia) purchased multiple pairs of earrings & Maya L & Viv thoroughly enjoyed some popsicles. Once back at the picnic site, Nat, Maya M, Atlas, Viv, Roo & I all danced in a circle to “Come on Eileen.” Once everyone was back we settled down to eat lunch. After we played a competitive game of “one fish 🐠 two fish 🐠 🐟 red fish, blue fish 🐟” Ali remaining victorious. We enjoyed hanging out the rest of the afternoon as well as seeing some traditional Costa Rican dance and exploring the festival more. Quentin broke out his back handspring in the grass. Before we all got back on the bus to enjoy our last evening with our host families, we had evening meeting, in which Maya K was elected our next leader of the day. Just as we were wrapping up, suddenly, to much delight to some and much dismay to others, it started raining so we gathered our things and headed to the bus. Brody turned a picnic blanket into a makeshift umbrella to try to keep dry.

Ciao and much love to our Bold Earth families,


– – –

Our little chickens continue to make their mother hens (Roo, Ali & Cami) proud by documenting other moments of the day. Keep reading below for more highlights!

– – –

Maya K & Viv :

The early bird gets the worm with Maya K & Viv waking up 2 hours before their alarm so they decided to spend the time putting on a fashion show with the clothes they thrifted.

Their family spent quality time with them at the cheese fair, playing games and volleyball and buying them local eats.

At the end of the night after dinner they enjoyed the “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie in Spanish.

Jonny : Jonny had a training session with Roo today during the midst of the festival showing his dedication to running and Roo’s caring and athletic nature. Jonny, as the sweet doll he is, helped his teacher’s family carry their food and belongings to the car which was quite a distance away. He ran back after.

Brody : Brody awoke to staring lovingly into Quentin’s eyes across the room. After it started raining during evening meeting, he and Amelia took cover under the picnic blanket with Cami having double blanket cover.

Quentin : Quentin awoke to staring lovingly into Brody’s eyes across the room. During the day we played games at the picnic including pass with Abbita, the daughter of one of our Spanish teachers.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog! Hasta mañana

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