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Thailand’s Best – Day 8

Hi everyone, we started out day bright and early at 7:00am. Breakfast consisted of fried eggs with a bowl of yoghurt we made with Pi Ohm. After that we took a group photo and thanked her for letting us be part of the earth home. Then we loaded into the vans to head towards a self sustaining farm owned by a general that used to guard the Thai princess. Remi took the chance to read the biography book about the farm and shared all the fun facts that he found out. We piled into the vans and made a quick snack stop at 711. After we arrived at the farm we had a huge tour, Liv asked Pi M some amazing questions.

The general really showed a lot of care for the land and being sustainable. At lunch, we ate food grown there and Anna and Skylar annihilated 4 plates each of mango sticky rice. After that we boarded the vans for a long drive to our home stay village. Dylan made sure to sing all her favorite songs before we arrived.

Once there in Huai Hin Lad Nai we met Pi Dao and Pi Lek. They both run the home stay program for the village and were amazing hostesses. On our tour of the village we visited the school first, where Kelly asked questions about all the students. Then we moved up the hill to the temple where Zoe thought it was interesting that monks visited homes at 6:30am for morning service.

Once we came back down from the tour we broke up to meet our host families. Jolie and Sophia instantly hit it off with their host mom. We met back up at 4:00 to learn how to make green tea and black tea. We learned all about the leaves that need to be picked, massaged, dried and roasted. Marco, Anna, and Remi tried their hand at tossing the leaves in a giant roasting pot. At the end of the tea tour we got to drink some of the tea the village produces. After that we had dinner with the families and met up with the leader of the village. He was very insightful and was glad to share the  culture with us. After our evening meeting the gang split up to say goodnight and get ready for our early morning.

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