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Thailand’s Best – Day 6

Greetings from our traditional guesthouse in Maejo. Dylan and Sophia were so excited to have a family homecooked breakfast of rice, chicken porridge, eggs, sausage, homemade jam, and scrumptious watermelon. Following that we split into two groups in order to walk to a local laundromat and change our smelly and dirty clothing. We bumped into many cute dogs, and were almost tempted to touch them, but rules are rules. After that, we were taught how to make yogurt and began making shampoo from scratch. We were introduced to the different ingredients, and even designed the bottles! Then, after amazing and filling lunch of rice, chicken Katsu, and bamboo stirfry, we stuffed ourselves with fresh mango smoothies.

Soon after a long rest, we built adobe bricks for the community. We all stomped our feet in the gooey mud. Shout outs to Kelly Liv Skyler and Zoe who really put their energy out there. Our team leader Jolie encouraged all of us to get out of our comfort zone. As promised after completing 70 bricks, we all got to throw mud at Cody. Remi and Amelia particularly loved this part. Anna really supported the team with her energy. Soon after a nice cool shower, we were fortunate to receive a traditional Thai cooking class of pad Thai. We packed our dishes with spices and vegetables and filled our bellies. This was the most special experience we could never forget! We ended our day with a lovely group discussion. What an unforgettable day.

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