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Thailand’s Best – Day 5

We had a great relaxed morning. We packed our bags and headed down to have a delicious breakfast. After that we went to the market to stock up on elephant pants, trinkets and Thai snacks like dried mango and nuts. Marco bought some birds so he could set them free. In Thailand, setting birds free is an activity to bring good luck.

We all met back by temple near the market and Remi came with an awesome surprise. He bought us some tasty lychee! We all munched while we waited but then got the amazing news that we had another hour to enjoy the market! In the second round of exploring, Amelia bought a green stuffed elephant doll for her dorm. We enjoyed Fourth of July in the most American way by eating lunch at McDonald’s. We all got a great meal and Cody got a happy meal with a squishy koala toy who we named Kevin.

We got into the vans to start heading towards the Sticky Waterfalls. Skylar and Dylan sang the whole way there. We changed into our swimsuits and started the descent down the waterfalls. Jolie and Zoe crab crawled down the steeper parts of the rocks. Liv and Kelly played mermaids and splashed from above as Anna and Sophia traversed the pretty pools below.

After lounging in the falls, we hiked up and got changed to travel to Mai Jo Bahn Din. We had some free time before dinner time, ate some delicious Thai dinner at the canteen and called it a day after a wonderful evening meeting with a Maia Serenade.

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