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Thailand’s Best – Day 4

Today was an action packed adventure for the Bold Earth team. We started off the day by driving to Crazy Horse buttress where the rock climbing was located by singing songs and enjoying the views.

Once we arrived, we geared up and began towards the caves. We maneuvered across huge rock formations hundreds of feet in the air by climbing and crawling. Sophia, Amelia and Zoe pushed through their fear and impressed us all. Later on, we began our descent deep into the caves of crazy horse by rappelling 150ft into the caves. Marco, Sophia, Dylan, Zoe, Remi, Anna and Cody did an open air descent while Skylar, Amelia, Kelly, Jolie, Liv and Maia went down via the rock wall. Both groups joined up at the bottom and after arriving, we stopped for a lunch break in the caves. With delicious pork and rice lunch boxes we ate while admiring the deep marbles of the cave towards the unknown. Once we finished, we began to explore deeper underneath the surface.

These caves were once a great reef, which had later formed a dark home for bats and creepy crawlers. The caves were formed with stalagmites and stalactites as well as other rocky materials. After meandering down the caves, we enjoyed the silence and admired the bats flying around us. Later on, we headed back up towards the surface by rock climbing, and maneuvering up towards the light. Even though we left sweaty and dirty, we all thoroughly enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience, and will cherish it together.

One van took a nap while the other jammed out to T Swift on the way home.

A big dinner of Thai chicken and tom kha soups filled our bellies, and Liv led an amazing evening meeting. The question of the day was ‘What are you most proud of yourself for?’ in the theme of our amazing and challenging day caving.

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